Trident Technology Designed for scale

We use a continuous liquid-liquid extraction process to reduce the volume of wastewater, generating a fit-for-purpose product that meets the needs industries.


By mixing our solvent with a waste stream, we can directly absorb water like a sponge, leaving a concentrated waste behind.


The two streams naturally separate as easily as oil and water.


With a relatively minor amount of waste heat, we “squeeze” the sponge, releasing the captured water.


Sponge is then recirculated back in a continuous loop process, while the captured water undergoes post-treatment to ensure it is “fit-for-purpose.”


The concentrated waste can be made available for brine mining operations, conventional disposal, or other tertiary treatment.

Trident Desalination


Through rigorous optimization, testing, and data science we are continually driving down the lifetime cost of treatment.


Built for Impact

The most cost-effective treatment for complex water challenges. - We reduce the need for freshwater in the most water-intensive sectors, allowing us to increase the total allocation of freshwater where it is needed most – human consumption.

  • Low CAPEX

    Unlike conventional technologies, we use off the shelf components in our system. As we are not seeking to boil off impurities, we creatively side-step the need for esoteric materials or expensive maintenance disruptions.

  • Performance Guarantee

    Our methodical approach to testing and analysis allows us to provide a pass-through guarantee for solvent recovery, water product quality, and system flow rate.

  • OPEX

    We treat our energy requirement as a utility, identifying ‘plug and play’ solutions that provide optimal, low-cost, operational costs.

  • Modular

    Our process operates from a modular foundational design and leverages offsite assembly, minimizing site disruption.

Our mission

Rethinking Desalination

Conventional desalination has long emphasized producing drinking water from seawater. However, this approach overlooks that the leading consumers of freshwater are agricultural, energy, extractive, and industrial processes. These sectors often do not require fresh water, but existing solutions are not designed to create fit-for-purpose water.

Trident Desalination

1.0B Gal.2025

Help us treat 1 Billion gallons by 2025

Industries we work with

  • 01


  • 02

    Oil & Gas

  • 03

    Inland desalination

  • 04

    Flue-gas desulphurisation from power generation

  • 05

    Landfill leaching

  • 06

    High-volume & high-salinity industrial processes

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Trident DesalinationTrident DesalinationTrident DesalinationTrident DesalinationTrident Desalination

Our partners

World leaders in water treatment

Working with best-in-class engineers and researchers, we have developed the first cost-effective “purpose-driven” desalination system, specifically designed to tackle complex water challenges.

Through scalable recycling and reuse, we dramatically increase fresh water allocation, prioritizing it for drinking.